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Meet Us

Who We Are

An enterprise risk consulting firm specialized in creating and implementing Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) and Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO)-based enterprise risk management (ERM) programs. Our ORSA-based ERM program helps drive value and strategy for insurers and insurance groups while the COSO-based ERM program does the same for firms in the healthcare (non-insurers), energy, higher education, charitable foundation, banking, real estate, manufacturing, telecommunications and other non-insurance industries.

What We Do

Leverage a firm’s existing risk management and business objectives or goals to perform an enterprise risk assessment that identifies and quantifies the firm’s enterprise risks. We then distill the numerous enterprise risks to material enterprise-wide risks and depending on the firm’s industry, create the following risk management and monitoring tools, which the firm would use to manage these material enterprise-wide risks on a periodic basis.

Our Mission

Become the preferred enterprise risk consulting firm for organizations seeking to actively manage and monitor their enterprise-wide risks.

Our Core Values

We believe risk management at any level should be a systematic and measurable approach deployed by any organization to enhance the organization’s ability to achieve its objectives or goals. Also, we believe the success of any risk management program depends significantly on the program’s ability to reasonably predict how risks impact objectives or goals and at the same time provide senior management and members of the board of directors meaningful insights they need in order to refine execution.

Because of these beliefs, for each firm, we build an ERM program with proven risk-based performance measurement tools that enable the firm to clearly manage and monitor those enterprise-wide risks that impact the firm’s ability to achieve its specific corporate objectives or goals. In addition, we ensure the ERM program we build for each firm incorporates the unique nuances of that firm and has a solid platform for communicating meaningful risk insights to senior management and members of the board of directors.

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